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"Carey Van Driest is a triumphant Beatrice. Her command of the language is superb, and her eventual descent into reluctant vulnerability is at once heart-rending and fascinating to watch".
- OnStage New York


"Carey Van Driest is outstanding as Frank's wife, Darlene, a tough minded stripper determined to survive."
- The Tennessean


"Ms. Van Driest shines as love-starved Helena, who is holding onto a potentially life-changing secret"
- Pittsburg Post-Gazette

"Van Driest is positively galvanizing. She speaks first with the contented joy of a wife and mother and then transforms into a bereft, despairing widow."
- TheaterMania


“Carey Van Driest is splendid as the sad spinster Aunt Elieri, who recites a stirring poem about the Welsh Bard Taliesin.”
- NJ Arts Maven


"...enjoy some superb physical comedy, courtesy of Haqq and Van Driest. (Kudos to Van Driest, especially, for being able to flawlessly scuttle around the stage in some very high heels!)”
- huffingtonpost.com